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911 Color Options

  • Mettallic Grey

  • White

  • White-metallic

  • Sapphire-blue-metallic

  • Rhodium-silver-metallic

  • Racing-yellow

  • Mahogany-metallic

  • Lime-gold-metallic

  • Lava-orange

  • Jet-black-metallic

  • Guards-red

  • Gt-silver-metallic

  • Dark-blue-metallic

  • Black

  • Agate-grey-metallic

Porsche 911 Review


Porsche 911 or the ‘Neunelf’ is one of the most popular sports cars across the globe with its first generation model being released back in 1963. The car has featured a highly impressive design ever since it debut and is offered in coupe, convertible and the signature Porsche Targa-Top variant. The ‘Nine eleven’ was also placed 5th in the 1999 Car of the Century awards and has remained continuously in production since its launch. The 911 has also been modified for use in motorsports and various types of motoring contests. It features a rear engine setup and 2+2 seating arrangement. Powered by a high-performance 6-cylinder boxer engine with an independent suspension the German automakers, Porsche AG have superbly combined extreme power with ultimate comfort in this highly popular sports car. Its seventh-generation model was designated the name Porsche 991 and was presented with its facelifted model in 2015.

Engine, mileage & variants

The latest 911 was revealed by the manufacturers at the Frankfurt Autoshow with a 3.0L flat-six turbocharged engine. This is the first time in its 52 years of history that the engine has been downsized for the 911. The manufacturers have explained this as an attempt to improve the vehicle’s fuel economy and curb emission levels. Nonetheless, the engine output has been maintained through smart fuel-injection technology and turbochargers that will deliver the same results as the older models. The use of forced induction also enhances the engine’s performance despite its size. The 3.0L boxer engine is presented with two variants (Carrera and Targa) and produces power between 370-420 hp along with a peak torque in range 450-500 Nm,  the figures are astonishing for the given engine capacity. The Black Edition, GT3 and GTS, on the other hand, carries engine in the range of 3.4 to 3.8L. The latest 911 is not only the fastest roadster that the automakers have ever produced but also consumes less fuel than its predecessors. Just like the 2011 model, the latest variant will also be offered in a choice between an automatic or a double-clutch sports transmission.


The latest generation model isn’t really new when compared to the first 911-series model released in 2011 and has been aptly labeled as a ‘facelift’ by Porsche AG. The 2011 model already featured an enlarged design than the older models and was also offered with an ‘all wheel-drive’ variant. The ‘facelifted’ 911 gets a brand new bumper and a mild redesign on the headlamps. The air intake has also been reworked and now looks similar to the Porsche Cayman GT4. At first look, not many  might notice the design changes, but the vehicle does have new door handles and brand new alloys. The rear also receives new brake lights and tail lights, with air outlets integrated on the bumper. The height of the vehicle has also been lowered to about 0.4 inches with an increase in the overall width.


If you are unimpressed by the mild design changes in the 2016 911, then there is a high chance that the vehicle might appear the same as the older model from the inside. Although there are significant changes that make the 2016 model different than its predecessors, they are more related to technology than design. The centre console now features a highly interactive Communication Management System that also has an in-built navigation. The instrument cluster has been redesigned with brand new graphics. The 7-inch display along with added connectivity for smartphones and iPhone doubles as a navigation system and an infotainment system powered by Google. The driver can now also control the vehicle’s chassis to suit their driving styles and the ignition is controlled by a start/stop button.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

With such frightening amount of power generated by the vehicle’s drivetrain, it would be totally unfair if the latest Porsche 911’s safety is taken for granted. Although we still await more details about the safety features on the 911, it will be equipped with the latest safety measures such as SRS Airbags, anti-lock braking, electronic brakeforce distribution along with an enhanced torsional rigidity against crashes and collisions. It is highly unlikely that you will ever crash a car such as the Porsche 911 unless you’re a race car driver. But the added air bags and the inclusion of several advanced safety features and technology, the 2016 model is certainly one of the best vehicles that you would want to own.


The ‘new’ is certainly in the details when talking about 2016 Porsche 911. It might appear as the same old 991 model initially. But on closer inspection it will surprise you with the minor changes and inclusion of several technologies that make it one of the finest sports car the German automakers has ever produced.

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